I live in Huntsville Alabama and care for my elderly sister.
Electrical System: exterior/interior need to be thoroughly inspected and repairs/replacement made.
Wood Replacement: exterior repaired/replace as needed. To include attic screen and gable.
Fencing: exterior repaired/replaced as needed.
Storage Shed(s): Need Constructed.
Caulking/Painting: exterior wood and columns.
Plumbing System:in/out house need to be thoroughly inspected and repairs/replacements made.
Kitchen: flooring (wood etc.) need to be reconstructed. New cabinets, countertop, backsplash, refrigerator and lighting.
Laundry area: reconstructed and enlarged. To include pantry area with cabinets and a closet.
Bathroom: Bars and chair in hall bathroom-tub area. New toilet and vanity
cabinet with new sink, cabinet doors/drawer, walls redone and/or covered either with paint or wallpaper.
Bedrooms: Walls repaired. Closet Doors needed,old ones are not present.
Caulking/painting: interior
Carpet need to taken up in livingroom and hallway. Flooring cleaned, waxed, polished. Floor registers registers replaced as needed.

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If you have homeowner's insurance, your insurance company can advise you if any of this is covered and give you a list of contractors in your area.
Alabama does have funding for some of these repairs, contact your local building inspector or go to and search "weatherization"
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HUD program administered through your community will make emergency repairs for income qualified people.

Habitat for Humanity and Christmas in Action provide assistance as well.

But I dobut that anyone's going to do an entire electrical system check and repair as necessary.

To include a storage shed that needs to be constructed is really overreaching.

There are many people who are living in substandard conditions due to flooding, deterioration, etc., so cosmetic upgrades are not part of the free or low cost programs.

Your wish list is something way beyond what's basic for human habitation.

These home programs are for emergency repairs primarily.
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I don't know if this will help but have you tried the Medicaid waiver program does she have a case manager or tied in with any aging agency or disabilities agency. This may be a start. Some community human services agencies will help with some of that, or some churches have the summer home repair program that helps seniors or homes in need of repairs.
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