How do I get my Dad to shower?

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Sometimes it is the fear of falling in the shower. Have grab bars professional installed so that he can grab one if he feels like he can't keep his balance. Even a rubber shower mat will help. If it is a bathtub shower, get a full length bath mat.

Another has to do if the shower has shower doors, or shower curtain... one can get claustrophobic... if the doors slide back and forth, keep both sides open a bit.... same with the shower curtain.

Then I heard there is the fear of water. If one can still take a bird bath, then that is better than no bath/shower at all. Then use Huggies *natural* baby wipes or something similar to clean those hard to reach places.
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How old is your dad?

What are his ailments?

Is he able to get around?

Does he live alone? With you?

When my dad stopped showering he had physical issues but no dementia. I never did figure out why he didn't want to shower anymore although I asked him. I hired a bath aide to come in and help him. She was in and out in about half an hour and my dad felt much better after. A few times with the bath aide and my dad started showering on his own again.
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If he is anything like my mom was, you can't. Will he respond to gentle coaxing? Or a 'take charge' like "come on Dad, time for your shower"?

My mom never showered once in her life, she only took baths. When she was in her last years, she couldn't get in and out of a tub, and still would not take a shower. We had to have aides come in to thoroughly wash her, by the sink.

That is one of the things that makes elder care harder, their lack of cooperation.
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Hire a stripper to shower with him. OR watch the you tube videos by teepa snow on how to bathe the elderly.
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