Unable to speak, he is not married I am his only child. He went in for mrsa, after being in there almost 2 days he started going through severe withdrawal from alcohol, the hospital normally gives a patient 2 beers a day to keep them from going into dts. Insted they strapped him down & forced him to undergo detox cold turkey!!!He has been hallucinating,can't talk, no idea the month, etc, he gets seconds where he is in reality, then back to out of it. He alsonhas other critical illness and has been a life ling alcoholic. Every resorce I can find on this strongly advises never take someone off cold turkey, as it could kill them, exspecially of u are 46 or older, have other illnesses, or have drank long periods of time. My dad has all those. They are letting him lay all day without treating him with proper medications.I need medical and legal advise desperately and immediately. I have no, poa, or guardian ship, tho, I am his only child, he is not married. he has been strapped to a bed now 11 days. The nurses are not given him his anxiety meds to prevent stoke or sezior, it's up to nurses discretion. Doing this to someone can cause swelling in the brain organs to shut down and God forbid death...please any and all advice is greatly appreciated. He has no medical coverage and they are tellin me he could be like this for months. I need him in a facility that specializes in this kind of intense treatment of called centers and read everything the web has to offer everything these nurses and doctors are going is contrary to everything if read about how to treat this condition. And he never should have been stopped cold turkey against his will. I don't know what to do. Please share any advice thank u.

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Brad, are you at the hospital with your dad? Every hospital in the US has a patient advocate. The number is in the hospital brochure, or you can dial "0" on the phone in dad's room.

What does the doctor treating your dad say is the protocol for treating his various conditions?
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