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I just asked this question too and someone suggested a forensic accountant can investigate to find any assets that might have been forgotten about or mislaid.

I read an article about life insurance policies. The life insurance companies wait for someone to file a claim even when they have been notified of a death. They don't reach out to the family. Even in those cases where the deceased had an annuity! They stop the annuity as soon as they hear of the death but they don't alert the family to any insurance policy that is active. That's terrible!

And more than one person has told me that when their mom or dad developed ALZ they forgot to pay the premiums on term life insurance policies that they had been paying on for decades. They didn't find out until the widow/widower tried to file the claim to pay for the funeral.
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If you know the bank Mom did business with. they can run a report with all accts they have in her name.
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CaregiverL Jul 20, 2018
Bring death certificate w you
jackiefusionfit, what type of accounts are you looking for? Billing accounts, or bank savings accounts?

For financial accounts, get out Mom's prior Income Taxes which will show where Mom had interest or dividends, thus the financial institution will be named.

For billing accounts, you could wait and see what bills come in the mail. Have Mom's mail transferred to your address.

If the above doesn't work, you could try to go into one of the three credit Bureau's and by using your Mom's social security number, and if you know enough about Mom's financial background to answer security questions, you can ask for Mom's credit report which will show if Mom still has a mortgage, and outstanding credit card amounts [if any].
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