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This is your wife correct? A bit confusing because you use the term "my Alzheimer's patient"
Look at facilities that you are considering.
Look at Memory CAre not strictly Assisted Living. If she is able to do some self care she might be fine NOW in AL but in a week, a month she may need Memory Care and you will have to move her again. It is best to keep moves to a minimum.
Let the facility determine where she will fit in.
The facilities that you tour, narrow them down to 3 or so.
Bring her on a tour after you have toured. Let them see how she fits in, join the residents for a meal. do this with each of the places you have picked.
You might even want to "try it on" ask if you could do a week respite or ask if they have Adult Day Care. If so see how she does.
But no matter what happens she is not going to like it once you have moved her in so steel yourself for that.
Depending on your situation and how you are doing would you consider a move to a facility that has Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care? if so it might be a move you could make for both of you she could stay with you and you would have the help you need, you can get away knowing she will be safe and when the time comes a move to Memory Care might be easier since she knows the staff and you would be in the same building. Not to mention you could age into the building yourself and not have to worry for yourself later on.
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Since you use the word "patient", I initially assumed that you're a medical provider or caregiver.   However, are you in fact referring to your wife?   You're wise and thoughtful to be concerned and evaluate now.

I think you need to look to the medical people who are managing her care.   This isn't a DX that could or should be made by an individual alone.    What kind of doctors are providing medical care?   Are there any geriatricians?   Neurologists? Anyone who's been treating her for years and can recognize changes?   Have other family members seen changes?

Be prepared to document instances to support your concerns.    I would also list behaviors which infer Alz is an issue, and arrange through one of her med team to have your wife evaluated if she hasn't already been so.

Another suggestion is to do a benefits analysis, listing the potential benefits of AL, and determine how and/or if they could benefit her.    What guide your thoughts to the alternative of AL?   Doctors can play a role in helping evaluate whether or not a higher level of care might be more appropriate.

More information though would help others respond to your questions, since the critical issues of your wife's current situation, changes, rapidity of changes, etc., will factor into whether or not AL could be a possible placement.

Alternatively, do you currently have any in-home assistance to help you?  Are there other family members involved who can or will help?
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You can ask the AreaAgency on Aging (you can locate it on your county's website) and ask for a "needs assessment".
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