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Do you want to be paid? Enter into a contract with your parents to pay you. If they are indigent, a small amount of compensation is available through Medicaid in some states.
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Smiley1965, as MACinCT said, there are classes that can help you learn home health aide techniques or even to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). If you want your family members to pay you, then a personal care agreement (PCA) is important to have in place and Aging Care explains why and provides a template for such at:
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There are classes to become a licensed PCA. If your question is about getting paid instead of finding legitament work then you set up a contract with the family member so that it will not cause problems if they file for Medicaid. You would still need health insurance and would have to pay taxes on your income.
The family member would also need to give you a tax form. You may find from other posters not to do it for it is a thankless job which can jeopardize your health.
IF  you are looking for government assistance, it will not be full time and not in payment to you. It  only allows for a few hours of help each week so that you can get out.
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