Are there rules regarding contact with clients after leaving employment of a home health agency?


Are there rules or regulations regarding contact with clients after terminating employment from a home health agency. The couple regard the employee as "family" and want to continue with a relationship with the caregiver and her family.

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Sam, can you clarify what you mean by the family want to continue a relationship with the caregivers. Do you mean on an employment level or on a friend level?

If the couple want the caregivers to continue to work for them, there is usually a clause in the Agency contract that says there would be a "finder's fee" if the family hires the caregiver. These fees can be pretty expensive. My Dad's contact the fee was $10k. A certain amount of time needs to pass such as 6 months or one year before the caregiver can be hired by a former Client.

Or if this is a friendly relationship such as greeting cards during the holidays, then there is no problem. I've been doing that with the former caregivers my Dad had, who were with him for over a year until he had passed.
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