My Dad's doctor doesn't seem to be that interested in his memory problems. Dad is 82, walks with a walker & is losing his vision. We have noticed a decline in his memory over the past several years but it has gotten much worse in the past few months. He is VERY good at faking his way thru conversations with other people. The most troubling thing at the moment is his not knowing day from night. Any small change in routine just confuses him terribly. We have the same conversations over and over. I am at a complete loss here. From what I have learned on my own he has dementia. His mother and both sisters had Alzheimer's. All the little things are kind difficult to handle. I have to literally convince him that he has to give me his pants to wash. He just came to me and told me that he can't remember how to get money out of the bank. Should I look for a new doctor?

What kind/speciality is this doctor? Many doc's are hesitant to diagnose dementia.

If a family GP he needs at the minimum a gerontologist, one that specializes n care and treatment of the elderly.
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You need a neurologist. He will be able to determine if its Dementia or ALZ. If his mother and both sisters have it, he probably does too. It is hereditary.
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An Aricept/Namenda combo is often prescribed. Don't expect miracles. There are no miracles right now except maybe for video games. I think those are still in phase III.
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DavesDaughter Jan 31, 2019
The doctor did give him that about 3 years ago. Dad took it, started doing better and proclaimed himself cured and never looked back. Won't take his regular meds now either.
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You could ask the doctor if Aricep could help to slow down the memory loss issue? It has helped my mother who is 88.
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