Hospice predicted that mom has days - weeks left to live with end stage CHF (vague time frame, I know). Today she was awake for most of the afternoon/evening, engaged in a bit of conversation and didn't even nap. She'd been sleeping about 22 hours per day for the past two weeks. Is this a rally before death?

Yes. People in their deathbed get a burst of energy before dying.

But, you can usuly tell beforehand with eating and drinking less and less and especially a sound in their breathing that is called Death Rattle.

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My daughter was a Nurse for 20yrs in rehab/NHs. She has seen the rallying. The person is on their deathbed and next thing you know they r sitting up eating and talking. She knows within a two or three days they will be gone. But like said, its just a prediction.
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Could be. We RAN to the hospital the night before FIL passed, being told he was going. Got there and he was sitting up, having a bowl of soup. Talking to us as if he were sitting in his Living Room!

We went back home, but the Dr. said that this was NOT permanent, he was simply rallying. Sure as can be, we were called again in 7 hrs to come back up and he was comatose and unresponsive. Dr. gave him a huge dose of morphine (to ease his breathing) and he passed within 10 minutes.

There's no specific timeline with Hospice. It can go on for months, or it can last a few days. Trying, and very, very stressful--but in the end, a calm and peaceful passing.

You said "hospice predicts" and take that for what it is. A prediction. They don't have a crystal ball.
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Only God knows the day and time that He will call your mom home, so please just enjoy every moment you have with her, however long that will be.

Hospice told me on Aug 6th of this year that my husband would be dead in 3 days, and he lived until Sept. 14th, so although they(hospice) are giving you a time frame, remember that only God has the final say.

Wishing you peace and comfort during his time.
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I’m not sure you can tell, it’s so hard to know and predict what’s going on toward the end. About a week before my dad died, a favorite friend of his visited. Many other people had visited, but for whatever reason when this man came (he was a pastor, actually did the funeral) my dad sat up, talked and laughed for a long time. He really put on a show, lots of old stories shared, lots of laughs. When the friend left, dad was exhausted and never had a visit anything like that again. The last 5 days he didn’t eat at all, slept most all the time, and drank just a little. I’m sorry you’re going through this, it’s so hard. Wish you both peace
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I’m very sorry. It could be an end of life rally. The only way you will know is if she passes away over the next 2 days. If she doesn’t, then it wasn’t an EOL rally.
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