I spoke with her about holding on to the toliet seat prior and ask that she use the bathroom requently. The smell is so bad and the floor has a continous yellow stain. She ruins her clothes, shoes. Not to mention the smell from her clothes. My mother wears depends but when using the bathroom it will always be on the floor. Also she will not wipe herself correctly. We will find stain all over the toliet seat. Help!

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I do have an answer for you on this topic. My husband has the same issue. I was fortunate to have a friend tell me about a product called Nature's miracle. It's a product for pets. I have found the one made for cats is most effective. It has enzymes that naturally attack the odors on a cellular basis.
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I went through this, so I feel for you 100%. My mom would drop her pants and go #1or#2 anywhere in the house. I thought I was going insane.

Somethings I did was bought her a potty chair and placed right beside her chair in living room. It didn't look pretty but then mom only had 2 step to go to use the bathroom.I layed disposible bed pads under and around potty chair. When she went to bed I put the potty beside bed also. I found that fighting with her was getting no where. I made her(but you can by online) one-piece jumpsuits or PJ's that button or zip in back. Then I had control of situation. I asked her periodically if she need to use bathroom or she would tell me inbetween sometimes. I would escort her to bathroom or potty chair which ever was closer. So, I was able to make sure she sat down and did her business right. I began to make sure she was clean down there because I took that over. One-piece clothing was the lifesaver!!!! I also made sure she still wore depends which as she got worse dirting herself I switch to adult diapers which absorb more.

Now with smells. I used pet odor sprays, bleach, vinegar, baking soda, kitty litter, powder laundry detergent sprinkle on floor. NOT all together though. I used different things based on where"it" took place. I think vinegar worked the best(we have hard wood floors) the urine would soak right in and smell horrible. The hardwood floor in what used to be her room is ruined from the urine soaking in. In time, we will sand the floor and restain.

Like I said the one-piece clothing was best thing anyone could suggest for me. I would have never in a million years came up with that idea. I no longer had to find soiled clothes hidden or poop in my potted plants that mom would hide, poop or urine under my chair cushions. Or just the fact of feces being smear other places than the toilet.
This will give you control of when and how she uses bathroom. It might be more work involved running her to bathroom every little bit but for me it was worth it. It saved the house and everything in it!! and smell is GONE!!!
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