You also need to get a federal tax ID as well as applying to insurance companies to be allowed to bill for your services as well as get a provider # from Medicare after you have an inspection by Medicare surveyors which means OSHA inservices, offer your staff mandatory in services on infection control, etc. it’s alot of work. And a lot of money. A lot!
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It depends on the type you are starting. Your first step should be to research the requirements for your state. The second should be to develop a business plan, alot of businesses fail because the skip the proper steps.
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There is a lot you need to know. A business has to report and pay taxes quarterly. If I was hiring you, I'd like to know you and employees were certified and bonded. That you and employees were CPR certified. Had taken seminars on Dementia and ALZ. That your business was professional. Meaning, ur there for the client care not to get involved so personally you disrespect the one who is paying you. How you feel about the family is not your concern. Just the client.

You need to know bookkeeping. Need a CPA to make sure everything is on the up and up. Then its advertising to get your business going. You will need money to get it up and running.
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