I am a retired Licensed Practical Nurse, in Columbia, SC, looking for a one on one part time caregiving job. I have 25 plus years ecperience as a nurse, with experience in geriactrics with an emphasis on compassion and respect.

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I too wonder why not through an agency. Do you pay your own malpractice insurance? Are you an independent contractor that would need to then file your own taxes? What about sick and vacation time? And vaccinations to protect yourself from communicable disease?
I wouldn’t work without malpractice insurance (I’m a RN) if I were doing hands on care. What if you were injured on the job by yourself?
Of course that’s your choice but it’s a litigious (sp?) society we live in & you have to try to protect yourself.
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Why the preference not to go through an agency?

I can understand you may have lots of good reasons, but on the other hand back-up, colleagues and experience of business administration are all nice to have too - just pointing out there might be advantages to not being completely on your own.

Either way, with your experience I'm sure you won't be looking for long! Best of luck.
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Some NH/ALF/IL/Rehabs/
Retirement Center, Senior Centers keep lists. I think there is a website called that you can register with in your area. Local websites sometimes have employment sections.
Personal referrals are where I find my aunts aides. I don’t live in her city but have extended family who do.
I also got a referral once from aunts dog groomer of all places. They used the same groomer. The aide had left a card there. On the card was her resume. So any place you do business might have a space to leave a card. Doctors offices sometimes have places for cards. Hair dressers. Ask your past nursing acquaintances if they have friends in the business. Let your friends and family know you are looking. I’ve been out with my aunt when we’ve been approached by HH agencies. Once you get started actively looking, I believe you’ll find opportunities. Ask any person who calls where they got your number so you will know what is working for you. Also some HH agencies have a need for nurses to fill in when someone is on vacation, etc.
Good luck.
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Try a card on a notice board at Church or shopping centre.
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