My dentist gave me a estimate of $ 8,000. I only get $ 1273 a month income. My VA in New Orleans gave 4 places to see for help. The first was the University Medical Center, the only thing that they wanted to do was pull teeth. After that they told me about Affortable Dentures. I looked at their web site and they looked terrible. I have only used Doctors at the VA because they know my problems. I just don't trust Doctors any more except at the VA . My friend, a Vet, is having a hip replacement and they pulled all of his teeth because of infections. Please find me some help.

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My dad was able to get dentures through VA dental. Ask them about a place to go, or also there is a program where VA will cover the costs for a vet to go get needed care at nearby approved places when the VA location itself doesn't offer the service. Talk to a Patient Advocate at VA about getting this vet needed dental work.

Harvey, I re-read your Question. Sounds like the VA did direct you to other sources to get dentures, but you don't want to deal with the other provider the VA pointed you to.  When the VA cannot directly fulfill the medical care needed, they will refer you to another source.  That is very common.  Of course, you're smart to do some research and make sure any provider will be a good one, but... if VA sent you to the Affordable Dentures, it means the VA believes them to be a good source to get the kind of care you require. 

If I were you, I would find a patient advocate at VA, tell them your needs and concerns, see if they can offer you alternatives. 
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I don't know anything about VA dental benefits, but, if you qualify for Medicaid, they cover certain dental care services. You can check to find dentists who accept Medicaid. Also, the dental school at the University of NC, is a fine place to get dental treatment. They offer it at a reduced rate, but, it's still not cheap. Did you question the University medical office that you went about why they recommended extraction or if there were other options, like implants. I think implants are quire expensive, but, the dental school, may offer it at a reduced rate.
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