I am the only caregiver and really need help financially since I've had to quit my job to care for her 24 hrs. Can you please direct me where I can go for financial support for being the caregiver?

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As said, you need to go to your Social Service Office in ur County. Mom may qualify for in home care this way u can get back to work.
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TheWoodlands88, extremely wise advice from WorriedInCali. IMHO it would be better for your mom to go into a care community on Medicaid thus enabling you to find a higher paying job to fund your own current and future needs. Caregiving for a parent is an emotional decision but you must make yourself look at it with an objective, rational mind. It feels like a difficult decision. Please read on this forum the thousands of posts of loving, well-meaning children who made an emotional decision (or tried to honor a promise) to caregive for their parents and then ruined their own health, finances and family relationships -- and the parent needed to receive facility care in the end anyway. Better that you are emotionally and financially well so you can visit your mom in a care community often (where she will have more of social interaction) and can advocate for her. Of course no one will judge you no matter what you decide, but please go into it with eyes wide open.

You can contact social services to see if your mom qualifies for some in-home help at the Dept of Health and Human Resources; contact your local area's Council on Aging as they are a font of info; and

May you have peace no matter how it moves forward.
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You mother is ultimately the one who
should be paying you. you can have a care contract drawn up by an attorney so there won’t be any issues should she need Medicaid.

if she cannot afford you and is on Medicaid, then she may qualify for state programs that would pay a family caregiver. Just keep in mind, you wouldn’t be paid for 24/7 care and pay is usually minimum wage with no benefits. You really should rethink sacrificing your financial and physical well-being taking care of someone who needs round the clock care.
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