My mother is 82 yrs old. She has heart, lung, and kidney disease. She has limited mobility and rarely gets out of bed. I care for her all by myself. I cannot work. I do not want my mother in a home, but we need financial assistance to make it work. She diesnt have much time left and she deserves to live comfortably and not worrabout bills. It is INSANE that there is NO help for us. Other ppl get compensated for caring for family members. Why cant we?

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Kimberly, getting your Mom on Medicaid might be the way to go.
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I looked up Family services and other stuff, I do not know what county you are in, in San Antonio, but I would check out the following. Anyway your mom sounds like she has alot of things going on, are you sure you can handle it all?
This is the best i can do from an internet point of view, I hope it helps.

Family Service Association of San Antonio, Texas Inc.

Our Mission . . . "Empowering individuals and families to transform their lives and strengthen their community.”

Core Values . . . "Respect, Responsiveness, Excellence, Integrity, Accountability."

Family Service Association of San Antonio has been building strong families since 1903. It is the oldest human service agency in San Antonio dedicated to helping children, seniors, and families in need.

From five neighborhood locations and from more than 56 school campuses, Family Service provides high quality service in English and Spanish to the residents of 28 counties of all ethnic and racial backgrounds and all socio-economic levels.

Family Service is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian agency funded by the United Way, fee-for-service contracts with both public and private organizations, foundation and corporate grants, private contributions, client fees, and outpatient mental health insurance.

Fees are charged on a sliding scale, and no one is denied help because of their inability to pay the full cost of service.

Family Service is nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children and the Better Business Bureau.

Empowering individuals and families to transform their lives and strengthen their communities."

In-Home Personal Care
Helping seniors remain independent.

In-Home Personal Care Services serves hundreds of Bexar County senior citizens and disabled adults every year. When health issues prevent them from performing simple tasks, impair their mobility, or put their safety and well being at risk, their options may be limited. Some may move in with family members. Some go to nursing homes. Those who do not qualify for public assistance and cannot afford private care often face a serious struggle for independence. That is where Family Service Association steps in to lend a gentle hand.

Seniors who have the ability to remain independent in their own homes with the assistance of supportive services may receive up to 10 hours of direct service each week in the home for personal care and home assistance, including the following:

Meal planning and preparation

Light housekeeping, errands and correspondence

Assistance with the daily activities associated with living at home such as-- bathing, dressing and grooming, washing and combing hair.

A complete evaluation and assessment is conducted on the first home visit, with on-going supervision at least every 90-days. Follow up visits are scheduled to monitor client needs and to ensure continued appropriateness of services. Services are offered on a sliding fee scale that is based on the client’s ability to pay.

An excellent investment, the program can serve 100 clients for less than it would cost to care for 10 patients in an alternate care setting, for the same one-year period.

Funding provided by United Way, Client Fees, and Private Foundations and Corporations.

For more information call (210) 299-2400 and ask for Dean Parra.
Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) In-Home Family Support Program
Phone: (210) 438-6208
Address: 11307 Rozsell San Antonio , TX 78217 view map

3. Provides cash vouchers to supplement needs in order to keep individuals in the community and in their homes. ...
Texas Home Health of America

Provider services offers supervision and assistance with personal and household needs for seniors or adults with disabilities. This service is funded through Medicaid, DADS and private pay. Skilled nursing services offers nursing, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy to patient...
Visiting Angels - Living Assistance Services
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Mom has Medicare not Medicaid. She has military benefits,as many doctors she has, why hasn't any of them asked if she needs help? Mom hates asking for help. Shes sumpin else. So, wat is the answer if u have Medicare?
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How recently has the Medicaid case worker been to see her? Here it happens at least twice a year. Ask for a needs assessment. If they conclude that she qualifies for a visiting nurse once a week and a health aide 30 hours a week, you could probably get yourself eligible to provide the aide service.

I am so very sorry you are having so much difficulty getting something arranged. Medicaid should really be your best resource.
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If your mother qualifies for public aide you can get paid, if she owns her own house you can get paid, if her income is only social security you can get paid, if your mother has all those medical conditions why isn't there already a nurse. Most times if a person is hospitalized the person who is the social worker, can put you in touch with these kinds of things. That is their job.
Why is your mother always in bed?
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Mom is on Medacaid and a Military dependent. Ive tried to contact agencies in San Antonio, but no one wants to help. Ive gone thru APS. Ive had no luck. If someone cld just give me a refrence that wld pan. out that wld b great. Thank you. I thought Adult Protective Sevices wld b able to help. MEH
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Is Mom on Medicaid or a veteran aid program or any other program that would provide some in-home care? If so, those programs may pay a family member to provide services.
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