It is hard for me to get up and down the steps and no hand rails to help me too, I rent and they won't do nothing to add to this house. I need a portable ramp and I need help getting one but how? Can you please help me son. Thanks.

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Thank you freqflyer, I really wasn't sure about the whole landlord/tenant thing. I know that employers have to make adjustments so that people can work. Thought it might extend to landlords.
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From my understanding the only ADA law for the individual Landlord who owns a house/townhome/condo is that the Landlord cannot discriminate someone who is physically challenged. Once the future tenant is accepted by the Landlord It would be up to the Tenant to fix the house for their own use and their own cost, and at the end of the lease for the tenant to pay to put the house back into the way they had found it.

Now some Landlords might help with the cost of some remodeling if they feel it would be an improvement for the house, such as wider door frames and larger doors on those frames.

If someone is in public housing, or resides in an apartment building which is not individually owned, the rules for owner may or may not be different.
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Do you belong to a church? Sometimes there is assistance there. Do you have relatives? Son, son-in-law, grandsons, nephews? See if they can help out. You can go online to get the specific ratio for the rise versus the length along with the width. There are ADA rules regarding building a safe ramp.

Sometimes there are groups like Rotary Club or even city run groups that help out with the handicapped. Ask around among your friends and associates and you may find some help on that front. Maybe even a Boy Scouts project.

I'm just spitballing here. I don't know any specifics. My husband and son built one many years ago for the inlaws and got the instructions and measurements off the internet.

I'm thinking too, that for a portable ramp, the ones you can buy to get a 4 wheeler into a trailer might work if there was just a short step up, but too steep for more than one step.

Not sure about this, but I would think that a landlord would have to make a house accessible due to the ADA laws. Do some searching about that. You may get some help on that front. Good luck.
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