How can I find out who is the executor for my mother?


My mother recently passed away in a nursing home. I've yet to be officially informed. POA was given to a niece, who has arranged her funeral. Under her watch, my mother was denied the necessary hearing aid which left her unable to communicate with family members & the other residence of the care centre, isolated & depressed. Unable & not finding the medical help she needed she passed away in pain & alone. She was coerced & manipulated, stript of her personal possessions & restricted in her ability to communicate by phone with family members. As the eldest of two siblings, living too far & kept in the dark, I'm devastated, horrified & so very angry. If anyone can help - who should I contact, what are my options - my rights??

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Even if there is a will, there may not be anything left. If not and ur a beneficiary you can ask for an accounting to how POA spent Moms money. If not for Moms care, then u can sue POA..

I just went to probate for my Mom. All she has is a house I'll be lucky to sell. I had to send a letter, not to just those mentioned in the will but anyone of interest. I sent each brother a letter telling them the estate was now in probate. There is no extended family so didn't send out more. Probate wants proof this was done. POA stopped at time of death so niece no longer has power unless she was made executor. Does the County Mom resided in at time will was drawn ask that it be filed at that time with the county clerk? If so call them. Do you know the lawyer who drew it up? Are u sure there is a will? If no will, then niece can go to probate and ask to be administrator. To prevent this, you or a sibling need to get there.
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I'm sorry for the loss of your mother.

You sound very angry...take a few deep breaths and try to calm down.
How do you *know* that mother's care was so shoddy? Are you relying on your communications with her or someone was living in the same NH? How long had it been since you saw mom last?

When we lose someone, and we're not in the loop, we can often take that grief and begin to be angry and want someone to be held responsible. I'm not saying the NH and your niece aren't somehow responsible, just please don't go into this "hot". You don't seem to have all the facts.

If mom asked her niece to be POA, she must have had a reason. It's obviously not what you wanted, but it is what it is.

Are you and niece not on speaking terms? Why can't you just call her?

As far as the will, if you stand to inherit anything, they'll find you.
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The POA had the responsibility to keep your mother's business private. The will? You will be officially notified if you are a beneficiary. How long since your mom passed?
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The only way you can find out who the executor or exectrix is to find the Will. Do you have any idea where it is or what lawyer she would have gone to about writing one up?
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