I wanted to know how I can be my Fiance POA, if something happened to him, he's still married, though she lives in another state, he doesn't want her to have anything to do with if he can't make his own decisions if something happens to him, he wants me to make that decision,what can we do?

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Get a Durable general POA that names you.

Remember, unless they are legally separated she is still his next of kin. Doesn't matter really unless he passes, then your POA stops and the next of kin is it if there is not a will with you named as executor or a trust naming you trustee.

Poas stop at death, this is a mistake many of us have made, not preparing for the "after"

Im in AZ and our Attorney General website has DPOA forms, free and easy, just need a witness and notary. Completely legal and I have never had any problems, even the bank accepts them.
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You both can visit a lawyer who can draw up a document appointing you POA and healthy care proxy if that is what your fiance wishes. It is entirely up to him as to who he appoints to act for him
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rsalsburey0828, a person can appoint anyone they want to be their Power of Attorney. Have your fiance make an appointment with an Elder Law Attorney.

Also have your fiance redo his Will. This may be complicated since he is legally married, even if he is legally separated.

Also, you may want to check on State laws regarding living [I assumed you both are under the same roof] with a partner who is married to someone else.

Hopefully your fiance is in the process of getting a divorce, if not, time to have a talk with him.
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