How are you feeling about the new year?

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I haven't been here for a while because the acute crises with my mom are taking a break, thank god, and I needed a break from constantly talking about all of it. After a stroke in 2016, followed by 4 mos of rehab, she went home and has had 24/7 in-home care for over a year. In April, she went into septic shock from a UTI, miraculously recovered, and proceeded to be hospitalized 3 or 4 times for UTIs between then and late September. Since then - so 3 months and counting - she has been UTI-free. No idea why, as nothing is much different re her care. Tomorrow she will turn 85. My daughters and some cousins are going over to her apt with bubbly and cake. She has very little stamina for sitting and socializing these days, so I hope she will rise to the occasion for a little while. Happy New Year to all. I hope 2018 will be kind to us.

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Xinabess, it's so good to hear that your mom has been doing better! Happy New Year! And Happy Birthday to your mom.
Dear Xinabess,

Happy Birthday to your mom! And Happy New Year, my friend!

I have some nervousness about the new year. I am still processing my grief for my dad and now my grandmother. I honestly don't know what to expect for 2018. I guess it will be day by day again. I want to try and be optimistic so we'll see.

With much love and hugs to everyone!
Enjoy your mom's 85th bday and happy New Year to you, Xina
Great news, xinabess. a great year to you and everybody around
Thanks, and good to hear from you all. The birthday celebration was really nice, though my mother is increasingly confused. After we had cake, she said, "I guess I should be getting home. I have to get up early tomorrow." Sigh. (She is always home, unless we go out to dinner, which happens rarely in the cold.) Today she keeps calling to tell me that she is terrified she will never walk again. She won't, unless a miracle occurs, but I have to give her hope. She has had so much PT, but Medicare won't keep paying for it since the PTs think she is at her baseline. She is so weak and rarely wants to get out of bed. She seems to think someone will wave a magic wand and grant her the ability to walk again. Heartbreaking.

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