This creates a very, very high rate for Xmas Eve, New Years Eve and New Years Day. They do come recommended. Is this out of the norm, in the past we were charged time and a half.

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CGS, you posted this same question twice. So, check the other thread as well. If you were to post once all the answers would be in the same place. If you don't receive responses post an answer to your own question to move it to the top of the list.

Even grocery stores pay holiday workers time and a half, if they work the following day they get double time.

I guess if you need a caregiver on holidays it is more incentive for them to want to work if the pay is increased. If you were working those holidays wouldn't you want/deserve the increased dollar amount? I sure would though don't know if double time would be sufficient for me to go care for a stranger instead of spending time with those I love.
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The very first time I used an Agency they also charged me double time as it was a last minute request, my Mom was getting out of the hospital and her doctor insisted we hire caregivers... that didn't give me much time to search around. In fact some of the office staff came in to work shifts.

Now that we are on a regular schedule with this agency, the hourly rate is back to normal at $28/hour for my area. This agency has been outstanding :)
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Try calling a plumber for those days. You will pay triple.
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