My dad can no longer be left alone safely but is ok with light supervision. I have a 10-day business trip coming up and am planning to hire an assistant through a local agency to stay with him. (Fortunately, we're staying in a beach condo, so it'll be a nice place for him to spend time.) I've never hired an assistant before, and I'm nervous at the prospect of leaving my dad with someone I don't know at all. I expect him to be resistant since he's unaware he needs help, and he doesn't communicate clearly because his language skills have been severely affected. I'll be away all of the first day, then around for the next two days, out for the afternoon of the 4th day, and then out all day for the next 3 days, but I'll be able to drop by and be sure all is ok even on the days when I'm busy.

Any tips on how to hire and supervise, so I can be sure he's safe and well cared for? Thanks!

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When you say "assistant" I take it you mean a caregiver?

There are many, many home healthcare agencies. Do a Google search and see what's in your area. Do your research, check online for reviews for a particular agency. Once you've contacted an agency they should send out a nurse to assess your dad and to talk with you about his daily needs. This information will then be relayed to a caregiver. You can set the hours that will be most helpful to your dad and convenient for you. I'm sure you can set it up so that the caregiver or the agency reports to you on how your dad's getting along while you're gone. Talk with your dad as well, see how he's doing. His impressions may not match what the caregiver tells you as your dad feels he doesn't need help but don't take his word as gospel until you've spoken to the caregiver or the agency. Calling to check on him once a day is reasonable and you will have established a relationship with an agency that you may need to use in the future.

Good luck!
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