Hello asked private caregivers to sign a contract that has there ss#, address, Name, and also there license number it also says that the job can terminate, like when it ends it ends..
My sister in law wrote it, it was short and sweet. My Mom called me up screaming that she couldn't sign it. I was told by the caregiver that she was going to renew her license and that her sister was a CNA, (meaning they both have licenses... the contract said that they would not receive their first check until the form was filled out. The one caregiver is making 1000.00 for 4 days of work, I do not understand the crazy fuss. This whole thing doesn't make sense. I am Power Of Attorney and I am so ready to give this up, the problem is my Mom doesn't get along with any of her other kids. I am fed up with this job, I live in Seattle and my Mom is CA. I work full time and have to children. I have to drive to work so I am gone 11 hours everyday. I am Power of Attorney which makes me responsible to take care of her finances, but she also writes her own checks and I cannot watch these things because I do not live there. There is no family there. I am so tired.

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Hi Elliebabe,
You have a right to be tired. What you've got on your plate is too much for anybody.

It does seem that something is funny about the contract (many CNAs would love to make that kind of money), however, signing a private caregiver agreement makes sense, so working something out shouldn't be impossible. Since you are POA, you should be able to sign in place of your mother.

It's awful that you are on your own with this. Unfortunately, it's all too common.
Is there any way that you can move your mom near you (not in with you!)? Long-distance caregiving is so very difficult in these circumstances.
Good luck,
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Yes, make sure it is a legal agreement outlining hrs of care, vacation, substitute care, responsibilities for moms care, housekeeping, meals, outings, etc. make sure they are licensed and insured. Don't pay anything until everything is agreed to and signed. You can sign on your moms behalf as POA, however if she isn't incompetent and she chooses to let them go or refuses their care, not much you can do. You might want to consider signing a mo to mo or 90 day and then re-evaluate.

I signed a contract for caregiving for my mom but drs wouldn't provide a written incompetence agreement so my POA wasn't invoked and mom locked caregivers out after a few weeks and legally I couldn't force the caregiving.

Make sure you have some provision that they cannot leave premises even if mom refuses care without your permission and that the caregivers have your contact info.
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Elliebabe, I know the feeling. My parents lived in New Mexico and I lived in California. I was paying a woman privately and didn't realize I had to fill out forms. We never had any sort of contract. Now I realize that those things are essential.
I would stick to my guns and make sure that a contract is signed.
since you are POA you should be able to sign the contract instead of your mother.

I so understand the tired of it all aspect of your statement. I have 8 living siblings and it has all fallen on my shoulders. I'm her last hope. Hang in there and realize that one day you will look back and say that you did the best you could and that you did what was best for your mom. It doesn't help with current frustrations but there is hope on the horizon.
Good luck and big hugs your way.
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