I lately find that husband with ALZ finds it difficult to express his thoughts. Can I as a caregiver provide any help. He is at present in a care facility and I spend a day with him once a week.

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You could check with a speech therapist. Some specialize in Alzheimer's patients.

However, do realize that this inability to express his thoughts is part of the disease. You, as a caregiver, don't want to frustrate him or erode his self-esteem. Trying to coach someone with AD can be hard.

One thing you may try is to have pictures of things he may talk about and if he's grasping for words (or someone's name) make a guess and show him a picture. If that's right, it may relax him enough to continue.

Do try to check with a speech therapist just in case a professional can help.
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I don't know if this will help but my experience has always been if the person with dementia or Alzheimer's can't live in this world with us then we have to crawl into their world so we can be with them. If someone just kind of rambles but you can determine what words they're saying jump on that thought process with them until their done. Try to get them to elaborate but like Carol said, don't belabor the point if they can't elaborate. Don't expect a conversation but repeat any words you can pick out and try to stay on their train of thought. It's an exhausting process but you might be able to bridge the gap between their world and yours, at least for a little while.
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