I am taking care of aging mother, this prevent me from working though I can do little sometimes. She is starting to have a bad memory problems. I cannot watch her 24 hrs a day since I need to go on errands. I am very willing to take care of her and she refuse to go on a nursing home. But I really need an assistance since I am doing too much for her everyday especially I am driving out of the house so she would not feel isolated there Also, is there any help to get some kind of financial assistance for taking of her. I would not ask this help if not necessary. I am residing in White Hall, AR and I appreciate if you can give me some information about this matter. Thank you.

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My father died when I was 6 1/2 yrs old so I am very attach to my mother. I myself don't want to put her on a nursing home. I guess that's a big problem on my part. I will see how much I can go on with this situation. I do appreciate your feedback. Thank you.
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Yes, there is probably help for your mother. As Pam suggests, call the county Social Services Department and ask for a needs assessment for her. They will know not only what she might qualify for within the county but also what other programs would be worth looking into. Was she or your father a veteran? Might your mother qualify for Medicaid?

When the assessment is done, if she is eligible to receive a certain number of hours of in-home services from a health aide or companion, etc., in many places you could receive that pay. BUT that really doesn't solve your problem of being tied to the house 24 hours. In my opinion you would be better off having in-home care for however many hours are approved.

Another option is a day center for those with dementia. Often such programs send a bus or van to pick participants up, a light breakfast and hot lunch is provided, sometimes extra services such as a shower or toenail care are available. And such a program may allow you to work at least parttime.

Mother doesn't want to be in a nursing home. Understandable. But given that she has dementia and dementia gets worse, the time may come when that is the best option. Starting now to get her in the system so to speak and to get her the help that she is eligible for will make it easier to get additional help as the disease progresses.

Good luck to you, and do let us know how this works out for you. We learn from each other.
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Call your county social services office for help. They will take care of HER. You, on the other hand will have to take care of yourself. Get a job and plan for YOUR retirement.
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