Is there any help for seniors who need to move because of physical limitations, but can't afford the security deposit?


I have diabetes and it's getting the best of my legs. I have stairs to climb and need a bathroom that is more senior friendly. I need an elevator building and grab bars and a walk in shower. I have found an apartment that I can afford but the security deposit is outrageous - is there any program out there that can help with security deposit?

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Linda, are you by any chance a Veteran?
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Sad to say, it there isn’t much aid out there for those who really need it. We need our home modified as well. Agencies I’ve checked with will chip in a small amount and that’s it. Have you checked with the management company of the apartment? Chances are you aren’t the only one who finds the deposit outrageous. You may also be able to find a Section 8 apartment, but waiting lists can be long.
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Some of our councils adapt peoples places, so they can stay in their home. It will not take the place of a ground floor one though. May be you could swap.? Its worth a try. If you are willing to settle for a smaller place, someone might want the place you are in now?

Its worth a try, if all else fails.
Good Luck

PS I am in England
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Try Social Services and/or your Office of aging.
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