I’ve been unemployed the past few months due to Covid and have taken over my moms caregiving job. I’m trying to decide if it’s better to go back to work and pay caregiver or stay home and care for mom myself. The money washes each other out. Can I get paid to be her caregiver? She has been paying me some weekly while I’ve been home with her instead of the care giving agency. This is a very hard decision for me. Also I’m not sure at what point Medicaid can kick in. She barely has enough money to pay for funeral expenses.

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What parts of making the decision are hard for you?

If you prefer to be outside your home doing a job that you enjoy, then you truly do owe it to yourself to give that a shot first.

Have you spoken to anyone who will know when she might become eligible for Medicaid? If she has only enough to pay for her funeral, then she may be eligible sooner than you’ve been thinking.

Are you able to be very realistic concerning being her full time caregiver 7 days a week? Time is not friendly when caring for an aging adult.

Is your mom able to give you her thoughts about having you take care of her full time?

You are presently at a bit of an advantage in your choice making, because you have some sense of what is expected on the caregiver job. Take a look around at employment too. Making a couple lists might be helpful in sorting out pros and cons.

You may need to come to a conclusion that won’t be “perfect”, but hoping you can figure out what will be comfortable for each of you.
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barbcopeland19 Jul 2020
Thanks for you’re mother of course would prefer me to stay home. I’ve got some research to do regarding Medicaid.
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