I want to bring my dad home, he's in another state. He had a stroke over a year ago and I know he will make better progress with family in his daily life. It seems as though the rehab/nursing home is fighting me to keep him. He is eating a "normal" no restrictions diet for months, he hasn't been fed through his PEG since last October...they keep saying another month when I ask if it has been removed.

First answer, VERY BAD...but my husband is in a nursing home so I will just say it and hope you all know this is “tongue in cheek.” is not hard to remove them, I have helped to insert them...This is the appropriate answer, call the physician yourself, or make a consult visit for your Dad at a general surgeon’ s office or GI physician to schedule it’s removal. The facility will transport him to physician visits.
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When my father could eat normally, we asked his then PCP who was overseeing his post discharge care how to get the PEG tube removed.    He made an appointment with another doctor to have the tube removed, and it was, rather forcefully and painfully though.
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You need to talk to the Director of Nursing or the Dr associated with the NH to find out why the tube is not being removed.

NHs are not prisons. You may need to show the NH that everything is in place for his care. Someone a few months back complained that the NH he/she was removing their LO from was giving them a hard time about needing to pay for an aide to care for the LO. He/she was contesting that and the NH would not discharge the LO. I suggested just go hire someone. When they got the LO home, then cancel the aide. Do what you need to do to get them out of a facility.

See NHs need to make sure its a safe discharge. You may want to call your Office on Aging and see if they will evaluate where Dad will be living based on his needs. This can be shown to the NH. If therapy is needed, you can set that up where he will be living. Line up doctors in advance. COVID is a problem right now, but if it wasn't, you have a right to take Dad out of the home to another doctor to have the tube removed or checked on.

If you continue to get nowhere with the NH, call your State Ombudsman and tell them what is going on.
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Sounds like they are delaying. Tell then why this is no longer an option and ask that it be removed. Tell them you are concerned about infection and want it OUT now. If they won't do it ask for another consultant.
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