Ah, sorry. It’s the art of dying well, a practical guide to a good end of life, by Katy Butler. I picked it up yesterday in Barnes and noble and started reading it. Seems very good. Was wondering if others thought it was worthwhile.
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Hello Baradee

I looked on and Amazon for this book because I was unfamiliar with it. There are two books entitled The Art of Dying: one is by Rob Moll and Lauren Winner the other is by S.N. Goenka and Virginia Hamilton.

Which book are you asking about? Are you asking for reviews or have you read it? What were your impressions? Is it worthwhile?

I am caregiver to my 94-year old MIL (going on eight years). Next up: my parents and my older-than-me husband (by 12 years)so if it's a worthwhile read, I want to know!
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