Getting him in and out of the bathroom is a production. Today 1/6 times has an actual movement. Makes me crazy.

It might be a good idea to monitor his diet. Does he eat a lot of gas-producing foods? I know that fear of having an accident must be a big reason for him to want to go sit on the toilet and you must try to understand how he feels about this. I’m sure he doesn’t enjoy asking for help in the bathroom so often either.
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Ingridk, you need to remember your Grandfather is 96 years old. Things change when we get older, thus to him having gas feels like a bowel movement. Isn't it better he wants to go into the bathroom then not? I know its a production, but some caregivers have elders they are caring for who can't make in time to the bathroom, that's a lot of cleaning up to do.

As for the gas, does your Grandfather drink milk? If yes, you may want to try Lactaid milk [taste the same as regular milk], which will not bloat the stomach and cause that gas.
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