mom had three strokes she had dementia and diabetes and now is in a NH family is dysfunctional and not talking with each other so that is why the Guardian is in. Family now wants Hospice to come in NH and evaluate mom . Mom is 89 and has very little brain activity

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I do not want you all to think I do not want to give back the money, I have kept it safe for moms care if she needed it. The problem comes in with the siblings they have got money from mom time after time and never have been able to take care of their own problems. I do believe she had her strokes due to the extreme stress she had to live with. see one lived with her and is suppose to get the house but did a quick claim and now the state guardian wants to put the house back in moms name as she needs medicaid. I would do anything for my mom but the siblings have caused me so much stress i came almost to a breakdown. This will be the second probate hearing as the first one did nothing. I live out of state so i have no one of family to talk to about mom i miss her so very much and send her cards and packages to the NH, i hope she gets them. I would love to put mom in a NH run by the nuns as she always loved them and had a sister who was one for 75 years. I just want to ride this situation of this highly paid state guardian and all the money sucking of business and use what little money mom has for her. Sunday is Easter and this being the second holiday without my mom and i feel so depressed.
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You call a hospice company. Ask for references from the NH, or from friends and neighbors. They will ask you questions on the phone, such as a doctor who has seen her recently. A doctor has to prescribe hospice in order for her to be assessed. Someone will come out to where she lives and do an assessment. If she meets the criteria, and you sign the paperwork to hire them, they will take over her care and bring in DME that she needs. Since she has a Guardian, that person will have to sign the paperwork.

I'm sorry that your mother is failing. We had a very good experience with hospice, all things considered of course.
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