Actually, I don't know what to expect and wonder if this means she is close to the end.

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Well that depends... how much is very little? And are you relying on her to pick up utensils and feed herself or are you spoon feeding her? Once someone is totally inactive they can live on very little calories, my mom takes in 1000 to 1200 a day. Drinks like boost or ensure can pack a lot of easily consumed calories in a small container and can be helpful once they reach this point.
As for the sleeping, it is beneficial to her to get up for at least part of the day to relieve pressure points and prevent skin breakdown (pressure sores). You can try some activities that she enjoys, play music for her etc, but she will probably doze in her chair anyway, there does come a time when they sleep more than they are awake.
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Not if she's content as she is, no. What for? If she's lying or sitting in the same position for long periods, though, you will need to mind out for pressure sores, and either shift her by using cushions or pillows or (ideally) gently get her to stand and move around.

If what you're describing is new, and until very recently your mother was more active, had a better appetite or was just generally more "with it", then by all means get medical advice - ask her doctor to visit, if that's possible.
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