I'm the caregiver for my Grandmother who will be 91 in 6 days. She has Alzheimer's, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Neuropathy, Hyperthyroidism, High blood pressure, Arthritis, GERD, and eye and hearing issues. Back in November we started noticing her going down hill, but we weren't too concerned. Christmas time she seemed to be doing better, but after the holidays were over she started eating about half of what she had, sleeping 12-14 hours a day. I talked to her doctor and she said that was normal for people her age. Around the start of February, she had a downfall again. She sleeps 18-20 hours a day if not more, and hardly eats anything. She can't even finish a slice of toast. The past week she has been getting bad delirium and confusion. She went from sleeping 20 hours a day to about 8, and eating more. We were confused at the sudden (almost overnight change), had thought that it had been the new medicine that she had been put on January 10th, but when they did some tests they discovered a bladder infection. She's getting ready to start a second round of antibiotics, but now she's complaining about bad stomach pain, numbness in feet and fingertips, dizziness, and saying she's always tired. She has returned to her 20+ hours of sleeping, which am why I'm confused how she's still so tired. She is pretty much refusing any kind of food or drinks, except to moisten her mouth, and she's in a lot more pain then normal. She also keeps thinking she's places that she isn't and saying she wants to go home, saying she's seen loved ones who I know are gone, and doesn't want to leave her bed. She won't even turn on the T.V longer than 5 minutes, she'd rather just stay there in the dark. I try to be with her, and she just gets mad at me. The doctor just keeps saying it's her age, and isn't worried at all. She has lost around 6 lbs since last month. I'm getting worried, and it's beginning to become too much for me to handle, but the doctor won't give us a referral for hospice (which she needs with her insurance). I'm terrified that the end is near, and I have no idea how to help her. Does anyone have any advice?

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Ask your Grandmother's doctor again about Hospice care. Its good to have another set of eyes and ears when there are health concerns. Plus Hospice can determine what would be Grandmother's time frame.

As for all the sleep, don't forget Grandmother is in her 90's, so she has lived a very long life, so she would be tired. We all start getting tired as we start to age. I know at 70 I don't have the same energy I did at 50.

I noticed that your Grandmother has GERD, and I wouldn't be surprised if Grandmother is stopping eating because of that, the burn feeling one gets in their throat is so very uncomfortable. I have GERD so I know. If you feed her, makes sure the items aren't acidity. I found I can no longer deal with tomatoes, orange juice, colas, and [gasp] chocolate.
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