Ive read that their organs stop working?!This is a VERY UNCOMFORTABLE 4me I am my Mothers POA & I guess I NEED to know what to expect for Mom & B on top of everything her burial etc. I have NOOOOOOO idea what to expect in the future, & NOT ready for ANY of it!!! I have a brother(Moms FAVORITE child) & I have 2 younger sisters & I old em beginning of me being POA that 'WE 4 r 1' in making ANY decisions for my mother,but I have really been in this ALONE, I am ONLY 1 that calls & sees Mom, I pray with her, we eat together, I ALONE has had to fight for 2 yrs. for my Moms rights & to research ALL that I know on Moms condition, I have NO experience in ANY of this & I get the run around ALL the x & I am SOOO burnt out but I will NEVER STOP doing ANYTHING I can to help my Mom. It just hit me again,Y am I getting no where trying to get Mom into c all these specialist to help her live longer & they tell me they would not even do 'brain stimulation' on her she's too frail & I can't get ANY WHERE with anyone on stem cells but that if I can find 1, & insurance does not pay for stem cells? My point being that it says in the BIBLE 'Ask & u shall receive' to give ALL ur problems, concerns, needs, healings etc. to God, have faith, believe & it will b done. I have COMPLETE FAITH in GOD & he has worked MANY miracles in my life x. Everyone 7 anyone I talk to 5 yrs ago when Mom was told she had ovarian cancer & she had max 3 months to live,when I said to Drs, Rns, family, friends etc. that I believe in power of prayer & I had a VERY serious talk with God after I heard what Dr. said to us, I Never wept Sooo hard in my life but I begged him to pls Not take her yet & I felt lighter, like I was lifted, my heart didn't race & I felt a sense of peace with in me. I knew she was going to b ok. That was 5 yrs ago.

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Citty, you want to extend your mom's life? Would she want that? Does she have her wishes documented? I provided care for my mom, 24/7 for four difficult years through the progression of her dementia. In the beginning she wondered what was happening to her. At that time she could understand. She told me in no uncertain terms she did not want to live like that and asked me to help her die. It is now five and a half years later. Mom is still alive but is now not eating or drinking much, needs care 24/7 from the pros, and has been asked to leave the first memory care facility she lived in. Today was moving day to a higher level of care which will cause further decline. Every day I worry about her, but hope something will happen to shorten this long, very long decline of her brain slowly dying. I do not want her to suffer any longer. This is all very hard on her and all of her family.

Find a caregiver support group to attend which will help you to understand what happens with dementia and to hear the care stories of others.

And, yes her organs will stop working, slowly, one by one, it depends on the areas of the brain effected by the dementia.
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It sounds like you got to have your mother for an extra five years. I hope you have many memories to cherish.

Now mother has dementia. It is a fatal condition but it can last for years.

Specialists make money when they treat someone. They have no reason to say someone is not a good candidate for treatment when it isn't true. So I think you need to accept their judgments.

Continue to visit and love your mother. It is probably time to leave her medical care in the hands of medical experts. Your mother has dementia. She will get progressively worse. She is never going to "b ok." Concentrate on the quality of the life she has left, rather than trying to prolong it.

Has your mother pre-paid for a burial or cremation? Does she have a life insurance policy that will pay those expenses? If you can start looking into some of the options now it may help you to do it more calmly. Or perhaps you could ask one or all of your siblings to take care of this.

And, of course, nothing is stopping you from having another very serious talk with God.
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