A birthday is coming up and I am thinking about gift ideas for my Alzheimer's parent.
Its kind of tricky to think of what will be suitable. They are stage 6 Alzheimer's. I was thinking of getting a sensory dog but I am not sure whether they are far enough gone for that yet and whether that will be upsetting and humiliating for them. Any other gift ideas?

Gosh it is getting quite stressful and depressing going to visit. I am not sure what to do there alot of the time. I want to get better at this. I am not sure how to make the visits more fun and enjoyable for both of us.

We never had a good relationship prior to the Alzheimer's in any event, so that on its own makes it difficult enough,

Since the elderly have everything and don't need anything I would go with Techie. If in an AL, they usually have something. For Moms I ordered a cake took plates, cups, ect. and had a party with the residents. I was glad I did because Mom passed 5 months later.
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I always went for something they could enjoy in the moment: eatable treats, soft throw, lotions, lip balm, music, old photographs, a new set of photos for his digital picture frame, adult coloring book and soft coloring pencils, etc.

My father enjoyed some of the new unique birthday cards that play a recording when opened. Some played movie clips and some allow you to record a message. He really like the one where I recorded the whole family singing happy birthday. The next year I recorded all the great-grandchildren saying "happy birthday grandpa" one after the other.
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A nice card, and a hug, you cannot create any specials moments for her anymore due to her dementia.
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Agree with NHWM below, the gift of your time and company is priceless.
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I know you want to do something special for your mom. So often people try to squeeze in special moments for their parents and wish to buy lovely things for them. I am certainly not opposed to that.

I feel there is a certain amount of guilt placed on these decisions. Not always. I always bought my mother birthday gifts. I never missed acknowledging her birthday ever. It brought me pleasure to remember her special day.

Actually, the best gift that you can give her is just being with her. You don’t have entertain her either. It hurts watching parents decline. Sometimes I think we are trying to please ourselves because we want them to suffer a little less but we don’t have the power to take their suffering away. Surely would be nice if we could.
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