How do I get my wife the help she needs. My wife has M/S, and is in a wheel chair 24/7. Her main needs are to get a shower, put on the toilet, and get dressed. She has in-home care, but there are only a couple of girls that can take care of these needs. Is there a way to ask for a certain aide? Can someone be assigned to my wife that can take care of these things? My wife has a regular aide who takes care of her needs, but the other 3 days, or the fill-in days always seems to be a crap shoot on who the agency sends out. Can I ask specifically for a person? Who do I talk too, should I call the agency direct (We have discussed this but no satisfaction) or should I get your agency involved seeing if you could step in on my wife's behalf? Hoping you can shed some light. Thanks. cc

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Agencies aren't always able to send the same help. Often the aides do not work everyday, fill in help is necessary. This site doesn't provide care or call agencies, it just connects lots of people to talk about their needs. You might ask the agency to narrow it down to 3 or 4 aides. If your wife doesn't want a fill in she probably won't get any one some days. While I know this isn't perfect it sounds like you do have help for her which is a good thing.
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