My mother has vascular dementia and says she has to go to the restroom every 15 to 20 mins. Sometimes she doesn't urinate at all but has the urge.

She doesn't have a uti. Is this a symptom of dementia? She just got out of rehab and can barely walk, so this is exhausting for me and my family.

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My mother has been taking Azo Bladder Control and it helps. She would not drink water because of the many trips back and forth.
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When my mom was in the nursing home, she had a roommate (with dementia) who went into the bathroom every few minutes. It worried my mom that if she needed to use the bathroom, the woman would be in there. The woman had no health issues that would cause this, it was just another peculiar behavior related to her condition. Do check with her doctor, though. Was she tested for a UTI? There are no obvious symptoms.
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Gosh I hope you're a daughter not a son...

Almost anything *could* be a symptom of dementia; but this sounds more like something exerting pressure on her bladder and seeing as I'm already way out of my unpaid grade I'm not going to start trying to guess what's likeliest. In any case, I should ask somebody to have a physical look at your mother and check that everything is in its rightful place.

You say she doesn't have a uti - do you know that for sure?

What was rehab for?
Was she having this difficulty in rehab? - any clues in the notes?
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