I left my job two years ago to devote my time to caring for my mother. It was very stressful, with unexpected ups and downs. I am very thankful that I was able to be there for her until the end. She passed away almost a month ago and I know I need to think about getting back to work. I'd like to find work that is more predictable and more joyful. Towards the end it was crushing to watch my dear mom's deterioration.

I'm wondering if others on this site have had similar experiences where they have moved to regular employment after devoting all their time to family needs. I am very interested in learning from your good experiences and hearing your ideas. Thank you for taking time to share with me.

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Find Care & Housing
If your finances are a bit strained right now, per diem Home Health Aide would help. (Heaven knows you've had enough training!) Dropping your resume all over the place might not yield much, so search the Web for agencies that train & hire people seeking to become HHAs.

Part-time HHA might serve as a form of "de-briefing" from full-time caregiving, and serve as a crash course in-resocialization with the community at large.
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