Hello - Im looking for 4-5 hours mon-fri help with a stroke patient. He is living at home with his wife, but she has a blood cancer and her treatments leave her very tired. He does have a home health aid to bath and prepare food. We need someone who can come in, manage his dr appts, take him to them (so would need to drive), pick up his prescriptions, generally help him with some paperwork and answer his (often repeated) questions. HIs stroke has left him with some short term memory issues, and his left side has been affected, but he does walk and feed himself etc. He has therapy daily etc. Does this type of person exists, someone who can manage the medical paperwork for him, his dr and generaly him as well? We need his wifde to get out of his care loop as it is draining her more every day. His home health aid is terrific at the physical side, its the mental / dr / med paaperwork etc we need assitance with. Thanks for any ideas.

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Unfortunately, geriatric care managers don't all go by the same title. There's a website you can try called the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers at If you don't find help there and your phone book doesn't give you any clues, try calling social service agencies to see if they have recommendations. This is a fairly new field, so it's not always easy to find this type of help, but you are right - this would be ideal in the situation you describe.
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