Hi, I'm new here. I'm wondering where I could look for in person support groups. In short, my mom moved in with me in March of this year due to some medical conditions. She is pretty much independent, but has many medical issues and has lots of doctors appointments. I'm just looking to handle all the feelings that are coming my way in a healthy manner so I don't get burnt out and I can be the best care giver possible to her. The hardest part for me is to see her wanting to do things she used to love, but she just can't, anymore. For instance, gardening, going for walks, riding roller coasters, going to the mall, watching the kids' sports events, etc.

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Contact the organization for her major medical condition. They often have lists of support groups in various locations.

Ask her clinic if they know of support groups for caregivers.

Many care facilities loan out space for caregiver meetings, or run meetings themselves. You don't have to have someone in their facility to attend the meetings. Call around.

In-person meetings are very valuable. I hope you find a good one!

I can give you some advice about handling your feelings and not getting burnt out: Arrange regular respite!! You MUST take some breaks from caregiving to retain your sanity. It sounds like your mother is independent enough to be left alone while you meet friends for lunch, go to a concert, take long walks -- whatever recharges your batteries. And if she can't be left alone or if she declines to that point arrange for someone to be with her. You MUST have some time to yourself.
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