Also, we know nothing about starting the process ..what does Medicare pay, will they take all personal property, finances or anything else to finance an assisted living facility..if everything a married couple owns is in both persons names and only one of them needs an assisted living facility. Does the other half have to give up their home and lives too to finance a decent place to get care for a spouse or is there help somewhere out there?

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so, just a primer:

Medicare is Hospital insurance that virtually all Americans over the age of 65 get. It will cover 20 days of rehab in full after a qualifying 3 day hospital stay. If the patient is making progress, Medicare will continute to pay 80% of the rehab bill for days 21 through 100--again, IF the patient is making progress.

If the person in question needs long term care--i.e., a nursing home, Medicaid is the joint federal/state program that helps to pay those costs if the person is AT NEED both financially and medically. In SOME states, there are waiver programs that will help pay for Assisted Living, but it varies.

If this is a single person, applying for Medicaid for them is a pretty straightforward process; however, if a married couple is involved, you need a specialist attorney--a certified Eldercare attorney who understands Medicaid in the state the patients resides.
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Needing, is this your spouse or your parent who has a broken hip? Did they have a diagnosis of dementia before the hip surgery? Are they still in the hospital?

Medicare will pay for rehab, but not for long term care.

Answer some of those questions and we'll get better answers for you.
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