My father will be 86 years old in January. He has recently begun to have trouble with his legs. He is unable to get up from a sitting position without assistance and is having very much difficulty climbing the two sets of stairs into his apartment. He lives in an appartment off of the back of my siblings house. There are 8 steps outside and 8 steps inside that he must climb to get into his home. My siblings and myself have considered installing an elevator on the back of the appartment to give him continued mobility. Is there any type of financial assistance that would help us with this project? Installing an elevator is vey expensive and although we, his children, will do what we can, I am looking for some type of financial assistance to help us. We have doctor's notes indicating his problems that can be provided if need be. Please help!

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Cash, my Dad lived in a house that had many sets of stairs, even steps out to the garage, and out to the patio. Eventually my Dad couldn't handle the stairs/steps even with the help of his caregivers. This all changed within a couple of months. We have to remember, when one reaches their late 80's and into their 90's, every year is like ten years of aging :(

Then out of the blue my Dad [95] said it was time to sell the house and find living quarters that had no steps. Dad moved to a very nice apartment in Independent Living, and 6 months later, he moved into Memory Care. Like I said, things can change quickly.

As for any financial help for an elevator, nope, because that is a "luxury choice". I realize your sibling rather have Dad right next door, but there comes a time when a higher level of care is needed. If Dad is having issues trying to stand up from a sitting position, I bet he is also a fall risk. Spend money and get him a "lift recliner", I recently rented one for my Dad to take on a test drive, and he really likes it, most comfortable recliner he ever had, now he can get out of his recliner on his own :)
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No financial assistance for elevators, sorry.
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I'm going to suggest you get him some physical therapy to try to regain the strength in his legs losing mobility is a slippery slope that will only hasten his decline.
I can't advise about assistance with a device such as an elevator but I think you would have to rely on individual charities to make it their project or go fund me sites. He is 86 and even with PT his living situation can only become more difficult in the coming years, perhaps it is time to look at a more accessible, senior friendly home.
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