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Suswhite, it's helpful to post the same question only once rather than twice, as now there are two posts going with answers to the same questions. It's easier for you to just check answers to one post.

Depending on your financial situation, you might be able to get funds through your local community, if it participates in the HUD program for emergency repairs. Contact the municipal offices of your city or township to check this out.

Habitat for Humanity and Christmas in April help homeowners in need, but I don't know whether installation of a walk-in shower would be something the latter organization would handle. Contact your local offices for more information.

You can also call the United Way helpline, 211.

Depending on the existing bathroom configuration, installing a walk-in shower may be prohibitively expensive and might be beyond what an agency can help with for free.

You might want to consider alternatives, such as the slide bench which doesn't require standing to get into and take a shower.
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Maybe someone else knows of some program would help, but I don't. If your family is active at church, you might ask the minister if he knows someone with a good heart and the skills to do it. Or perhaps, if someone in your family is internet savvy, you could put up a formal request on GoFundMe. They have a charity section. Orrrr, you might check with one of the large companies who does that job in a day or two to see if they have any special financing rates.

Good luck.

I had mom with me a year before she passed. I helped her take just a few showers in my lovely walk-in with a built-in bench. She got a birdbath at the kitchen sink. Lots of room, counters cleared for the occasion, pretty soap, powders and lotion. Mom didn't like the feel of "the needles" from the shower head...
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