He may be bipolar, and I haven't seen him put resources into her progress, what can I do? He has just come into a large amount of money, and my mother is a retired teacher. She has the only income from her retirement but is now a stroke victim and is disabled from it. He has not told his children his financial situation, and doesn't pay for physical therapy, a new power wheelchair, or a provider. What can I do to make sure he is using her money wisely and contributing to her progress?

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Has Dad's mental health gotten in the way of his being a responsible spouse in the past? Is he under medical care?
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Your mom should be on Medicare and SSDI. Medicare covers 80% of the cost of equipment like walkers, wheelchairs, commodes. Mom can order that herself. If she is not able to do that, you can help her. Sounds like Dad is in denial and burned out. Step up and help.
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On what facts do you base your diagnosis of bipolar? Has he demonstrated mania in spending money in an uncontrolled way or talks super fast and can't stop or has so much energy that they just go from one thing to another for they just have to keep moving?

How old are your parents and do either one of them show any signs of dementia?

Do your parents not share their money jointly?

Do you or someone else have durable and medical POA for her?

This sounds like a situation where one needs to contact adult protective services and ask them to investigate this situation which does not sound healthy.
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