Since quite a few years my eyes have been burning but never as intensely as now where I can hardly keep them open and they tear a lot whenever they burn. I tried all kinds of artificial tears and no help. Also I'm very sensitive to light so I try to shield my eyes from light, wind, debris, etc. Nothing helps.

About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with macular deterioration. Could this be what causes such monstrous eye burning?

I read about sjogrens could maybe this be the culprit?

Will appreciate a lot any ideas. Seeing a doctor nowadays without thoroughly knowing about possible causes is a waste of time and aggravation. They can't possibly remember so much info and are not allowed to take the time to review their books... :)

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Just a thought -
You could be allergic to the preservatives in the eye drops.

I have several family members that have trouble with the preservatives, and can't use the larger bottles of eye drops. We buy the refresh individual ones at Sams club (about $20 for a giant box)
It could be worth a shot.
I hope this helps -
Sparkles ✨
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Adela1000 Sep 2019
Hi Sparkles and thanks for the idea. It could be but since I didn't use them much before the last bout of burning eyes (which made me frantically seek this site!) I always bought them without preservatives (I figured I use them so little it's worth the chance).

As to the individual vials, I find them bothersome for me to use, besides being a waste remaining in each vial (of course, I guess it's a waste regardless as many times we miss the eye, lol!). I'm glad you found a good bargain if you use them a lot.

Thanks again for your good idea. Yes, worth looking into it in any case. :)
Adela, thank YOU for coming back to respond.  Oftentimes we never hear from the OP after one or two posts and don't know how our suggestions may or may not have helped.

Your post prompted another thought, and questions:

Does your environment make a difference in the burning in your eyes?   I.e., do they hurt more when you're inside, in dry air, or, for example, in hospital or nursing home air?   I was thinking that a low humidity environment can cause dry eyes; it has for me.

I could always tell when my eyes would feel uncomfortable as I was getting used to a rehab or hospital environment.   That air is SO DRY.
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Adela1000 Sep 2019
Hi GardenArtist, I always like to return the courtesies, especially when, as in this case, your efforts were in my favor.... :)

You bring a good point about the environment which I never noticed or paid attention to. So thanks to you I'll begin to observe my reaction in different locations away from the seasonal allergies which I get about every 3 months or so and I cope it with Patanol eye drops at the height of the season only around April/May.

What were you on rehab for? Eight years ago I fell and had a hip replacement necessitating a very long rehab...I practically had to learn all over again how to walk, dress, etc. hahaha! A year or so later I was able to walk normally, folk dance with intricate steps, reintegrate to aerobics, etc. What a great doctor!!! :)

As to low humidity causing dry eyes....I've had them for SOOOO long (I'm an old senior) that I get some relief with artificial drops and just let it go since as you know there's no cure for this.

Actually my worst time is when I don't get enough sleep so that my already chronic burning gets terribly exacerbated. But since I'm retired, a little nap comes to my rescue. lol!

Thanks so much again for this new insight into the environment. :o)
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THANK YOU ALL VERY DEEPLY for your kindness in reporting your good opinions and what worked for you!!!

Despite my opinion on doctors, I did see them, first an ophthalmologist, then a retina specialist. The latter told me about the MD. Unfortunately for me, all they did was recommend artificial eye drops. I started with Systane Balance then searching for more effectiveness I tried Systane Ultra, no change. Then I tried Nano Tears (not sure, but I think this one caused me more burning which made me stop it and rush for help here). So last night before bedtime I started Refresh Optive Gel drops and during the day I started Thera Tears Extra and...low and behold, at least all day today I had no burning or anything else at all [of course it could be a coincidence since I do get great days very occasionally regardless of which drops I use].

GardenArtist: I do respect doctors :) "Dry Eyes" is so common they don't give enough attention so I do it myself...

lilhelp: All specialists say to stay away from Visine...I buy it very occasionally and use it ONLY when I need my red out. Of course I try all the good advice you give though it's difficult. :)

AlvaDeer: I'll look into Zaditor drops and may try it if what I'm trying now doesn't work. They're ALL expensive, and in the teensiest bottles, lol! So tiny they're difficult to hold them tight until the drops fall down!

cwillie: No infection thank goodness, but yes, it's mighty important to keep eyes and surrounding area perfectly clean.

Thanks again to all wonderful people who answered my call. :-)
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Sorry but I disagree with you about doctors.  The burning pain you're feeling is not something to neglect.   As CWillie advises, see an ophthalmologist, and ASAP.   

This is not something to self diagnoses; don't take chances with your eyes.   Self diagnosis isn't realistic or safe.

I learned that my eyes burned from dryness; I use Systane long lasting eye drops and haven't had any burning since, although they do become tired from computer work.
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I looked up sjogrens and saw nothing related, and also found nothing on Mac Deterioration, only Mac Degeneration and saw nothing related.

My allergies cause these same symptoms: Extreme light sensitivity, tearing, burning, as you described.  Sometimes it feels like a bunch of tiny rocks in my eyes and causes extreme pain, and voluminous tearing and burning. 

To help myself (no Dr. has ever helped me w/this): Use Original Visine ~ it helps relieve pain, etc., Put a cool, wet cloth on your eyes (I do one at a time; both if they're both horrible); aspirin, and rest, with eyes closed.

*Your eyes are one of the strongest organs of your body albeit sensitive and delicate in many ways, they heal themselves.  If your eyes are hurting like that, it can take many hours, so be patient.  Don't watch tv, use computer, phone, etc.  Resting eyes (closed!) enables eyes to heal themselves as they're trying to do (an eye Dr. told me!).  So rest your eyes (close them) when they're burning, tearing, etc. 

If your eyes don't respond positively to rest & cold compresses, you should see an Ophthalmologist.  If you see anything other than clear tearing, you definitely need to see an Ophthalmologist to check for infection.

Also, be aware of your environment (inside and outside) as these could be clues to environmental allergies like dust, pollen, mold, mildew, dogs, cats, etc.  If you notice sneezing, coughing, eyes tearing or burning that day or the next day, etc. whenever you're near whatever, these are the things you'll need to avoid as they can be the culprits of allergies.
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For ME it is allergies and it can be INTENSE. Painful.I mean real eye closing stuff. Someone on Forum mentioned an elder keeping eyes closed and I said "be certain this is about Alzheimers, because this could be allergies. I close my eyes often when this hits; It is the only relief other than...................I use Zaditor drops. Expensive in a teensy bottle. They stop the pain at once. As you said you have macular problems I would pass this past your eye doc first; I would not want to recommend an over the counter that could exacerbate that problem. Good luck.
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If things have gotten much worse recently then I think you need to consult a doctor, this could be an infection. Don't waste time with a GP, get an appointment with an ophthalmologist.
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