My 89 year old Dad lives in Okeechobee. He was going every 4 month for shots and then a few months ago the dr told him he wasn't "allowed" or something like that for additional shots and his eyes were stable. He is terribly frustrated and asked about getting strong RX glasses. The dr told him to see his eye dr. in town. My father is very impatient, doesn't like to share information, is stubborn but I can no longer let him ignore what I may be able to help him with. After doing some research found that he needs to see a low vision eye dr. who specializes in possibly help with specialized eye glasses for closeup work such as balancing his checkbook. My Dad cannot even see very well with his $1200 small magnifier to even try to look in phone book. He doesn't use anything computer. I am absolutely livid to know that he paid that much for a specialized small magnifier on his poverty level income! I live in Upstate NY but am now here in FL until April. Dad is 2 1/2 hr drive from me so I want to set something up to see a specialist where I can take him. I will search on low vision specialists in/near Okeechobee but would appreciate any advice. It seems like such a hopeless situation but if he could at least read his mail or balance and write checks easier, it would be a true blessing for him. Thank you. Gail

Call your local Office of Aging. See if they can help. Was his Dr. an Ophthalmologist or a Optometrist? The former is an MD and can operate. The later is not an MD and is limited in what he is able to do.

Call an Ophthalmologist office. See if they can help or can refer you to someone.

I guess you realize that Dads sight will worsen. He needs to familiarize you now on his finances. You may need to take over one day and POA will be a big help.
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We live in Cleveland, Ohio. My mother also had MD. Her doctor referred her to a specialist affiliated with a large hospital here—The Cleveland Clinic. You may try contacting a large hospital near you to see if they have specialists in that field.
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