He doesn't cook a doesn't clean he can't bend over he stays inside all winter he can't drive even though he tries he can't here a fire detector. Basically my boyfriend of several years who was shot recently promise to take care of his grandpa he has two vehicles and Loans me one for house shopping but controls anytime I want to go anywhere and won't let me go out of state to see my children or family and he won't let me get a job and a different town we live in a very small town but he won't pay me either because he thinks that I should just be okay with free rent in an old house with smoke-filled rooms and he keeps it hot as h*ll in the wintertime and hot as h*ll in the summer complains every time I turn a light switch on I have no privacy I have the little bitty tiny room that I can barely fit all my things in yet I try to continue to help him I mow the lawn I pick up limbs I take care of the dogs and cats and ducks and chickens I paid I do the upkeep on the house I even buy things for this house because he said that he's going to will it to me in a way that I'll be able to live here for forty years after he dies. I'm not sure I haven't seen any kind of will and honestly at this point I'm not interested because he's being so mean to me he treats me like I'm a prisoner he controls my whereabouts when I come home what I do who hang out with he used to be a good situation but recently it's just turned sour because he's being so unreasonable he lets things break and never fixes them I just I don't I'm at my wits end. I'm worn out!

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Glenn, sounds like you are a hostage, and that's not right.   Curious, why aren't your Grandfather's own children helping out to care for him?

If there are grown children, time to call them and tell them that as of March 31st, you are moving out.  Just tell them that Grandfather needs a higher level of care, and you are no longer able to afford to keep paying out of your own pocket [which you shouldn't be doing in the first place, but I can understand why you are paying].

Is Grandfather on Medicaid?   This is different from Medicare.   Medicaid has a program where Grandfather can be placed in a nursing home and Medicaid will pay for his care.   The draw back is that Medicare will put a lien on Grandfather's house, and once he passes, Medicare will expect to be paid from the equity in the house.  Therefore, you won't get the house unless you are able to pay Medicaid's bill, which most people can't.  Call your State Medicaid office for more information and how Grandfather can apply.

You have a lot to think about.  I wonder if Grandfather has a Power of Attorney all ready set up, or even a current Will?
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