My mother 83 with trouble walking, getting food to her mouth, incontinence, and dementia is scheduled to have a shunt put in. I pray for improvement as it really is getting to be too much for me. I recently had shoulder surgery and I know helping her in her wheel chair, with the walker, getting in and out of the car are hurting my shoulder. I am the only caregiver as my siblings are out of state. I have been very impatient this last week, tired, need a break its been 24/7 and it is getting harder by the minute!

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As far as the shunt is concerned, this surgery is considered very safe and it generally is. My dad was one of the unfortunate few who, for unknown reasons, was pushed over the edge into dementia after shunt surgery. His WWII brain injury is the reason fluid was building up, and the scar tissue may have had an impact on the results. Please understand that I'm stressing that this is very safe surgery, but any surgery on an elder has increased risks. You may want a second opinion.

With or without this shunt surgery, I suggest that you start to look into hiring help or placing your mom in a nursing home. You can't completely destroy your own health or you won't be able to help her at all.

Take care of yourself as well as your mom.
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Since your Mother is having the shunt implanted all of her tests must have been very positive for improvement. You should see lots of improvement in most areas, some immediate and others over time.

You need to contact local senior services for assistance during your recovery. Her doctor should be able to recommend a home healthcare group. Please tell the hospital (social worker always visits before releasing senior) that you cannot take care of Mother by yourself right now. You must give yourself time to heal.

Best wishes.
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