Dad has had about 5 hospital visits within 2 years with symptoms of dizziness, arms shaking or twitching, putting head on table, eyes closed. By the time I am there he has been out of the spell and feeling ok. CAT scan, MRI, EEG, neck artery and other tests show nothing wrong. He is 91 with dementia but knows where he is and who people are. Last ER visit Neurologist diagnosed as a seizure but did not witness. Next spell the tail end was witnessed by Hospice nurse visiting him for an eval and thought it was an anxiety attack. Another spell fully witnessed by 2 hospice nurses thought it was seizure.

Gave Dad Kappra drug - 2 total in morning and evening and he didn't like how he was acting so stopped. Prescribed 5 mg Lexipro by his nurse so still on that for about 10 days now. Other spells without going to ER have been less dramatic since on Lexipro. Common denominator is someone is always there. Have occurred sitting on bed, at breakfast table - before, during and after eating breakfast. 1 spell at dinner time and today 1 in car on way to bowl and I know he was doubtful he was able to. I am fairly convinced something is making him nervous - me, caregivers, nurses even though not expressing or there is a fear that he knows he is declining and possible fear of dying. He comes out of this in 20-30 minutes and is back to his normal. Even the nurses were a bit perplexed on this so I believe a challenging diagnoses. Any experience with this or thoughts appreciated?


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Doesn't sound anything like the panic attacks my father experienced. Those were denoted with difficulty breathing, accelerated heart rate, chest pain, feeling like he was going to die, etc. Dad's attacks were not triggered by any particular thing - just a part of the anxiety caused by a malfunctioning dementia brain.

Your father's experience does sound more like seizure, which can be "triggered" by various sights, smells and sounds. Is there a new cell phone, new ring tone, new hearing aid, new light, etc. around. Since several of these attacks seemed to have happened around meals, could there be a new stove, light bulbs or light fixture? Any activity Dad usually does prior to eating?

Good Luck
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