My father is 88 with undiagnosed dementia. He was napping more and more frequently (no surprise) but it seems like lately, and rather suddenly....he rarely naps and not for long. He was napping 3-4 times per day, & nodding off in his chair often. Now he doesn't nap at all most days. Nothing else has changed....any thoughts as to why?

Is it “moderate dementia” or “undiagnosed dementia”? Undiagnosed dementia is no dementia at all. It is merely a guess. What makes you think he has dementia? What are his symptoms? If he hasn't been screened for dementia, and you think he has dementia, have him screened by his doctor. Dementia is not even a diagnosis. Having dementia is like having a headache... it is merely a symptom(s). The cause of the symptoms has to be determined. So before you try to figure out his change in sleeping pattern, find out what you're dealing with. In other words, if he does have dementia, find out why?
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How is his anxiety level?

My mother couldn’t sleep when she was anxious.

A year later, and deeper into the dementia, she naps all the time.
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Sandy5691 Dec 23, 2021
Thanks. This makes sense as there are other indications his anxiety is up. Unfortunately, meds increase his fall risk. But I think you may have nailed it. The insight is helpful.
excitement of xmas?

hopefully he suddenly stopped napping for good reasons. maybe he’s suddenly interested in some things?

the napping sometimes comes from boredom.

pre-xmas hugs to you and your father :) !!
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