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I am sorry you are going through this. It is so frustrating to see a loved one not eating because food is so important to life, health and well being.

I first would wonder why he does not want to chew food. Was it a sudden or gradual change? Does he have his own teeth or dentures? May be he is experiencing pain when chewing? May be he is having trouble swallowing, too. Has he had a TIA (also known as a mini stroke?) and has trouble chewing due to neurological damage? Has he shown remarkable decline in his health that might suggest he may be terminal? Or has he been talking about going on a trip or journey or talking about relatives or friends who are deceased. This might be a sign that he may be terminal as well. Many people will not need as much to eat or start refusing most foods as their bodies shut down. There could be a number of reasons, which should be ruled out by your father's doctor.

It is possible to live without eating solid foods. There are many foods that already in a soft form or require very little chewing effort that are easy to give like puddings, yogurt, cottage cheese, mashed white or sweet potatoes just to name a few. There are ways to fix pureed foods that are soft and easy to swallow and still have the same nutrient value of the solid foods. It is like making your own baby food. Nursing homes and hospitals have special cooks that make pureed foods to an art form - and make them look very much like their original form but are soft. An internet research should help bring up recipes and help. There are also liquid supplements, like ensure and boost, that can help with nutrition when solids are refused. Smoothies are also a good substitute.

Whatever may be happening, please take good care of yourself and get the help and support you need while taking care of your father. He is so fortunate to have a wonderful child to take care of him.

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